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The best ideas are cultivated from real-world experience. The dramatic growth of is a case in point.

In a retail environment rocked by the emergence of the Internet, Joseph and Jonathan Sieber were confronted with the challenge of how to sustain the growth of their 14-year-old stationery products company and, just as critically, the continued prosperity of their dealers.

It was clear that the Internet had to play a part in the company's growth strategy. Fortunately, in Jonathan Sieber, the company had a talented engineer who had been one of the original users of UNIX and the C language. Joseph Sieber, as head of sales and non-technical development, had earned a reputation for innovation and industry leadership. The conceptual foundation of began to take shape as the two developed a strategy for putting their dealers--and their company's products--online.

The model, featuring sophisticated technology for creating easily customized Web sites and complete product displays, worked so well that it quickly became apparent that it would work for other manufacturers as well. So, in 1998,, Inc. was spun off as a separate company dedicated to providing independent retailers with low-cost, product-rich Internet stores.

Over the years, the company has established itself as the leader in retail Web site development in the stationery, gift, and party supply industries, with plans to expand into the wedding, collectibles, and bicycle markets. Dozens of manufacturers and hundreds of retailers have joined's Internet commerce revolution, creating retail market communities that enjoy all the benefits of the online marketplace without the typical hassles of getting online.

Whether you're a retailer, manufacturer, investor, or job-seeker,'s innovative approach to Internet commerce represents a white-hot opportunity for growth. Contact us today as we create the retail market communities of tomorrow.

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